Welcome to Plato BioPharma

Plato BioPharma, Inc. (PBI) is a pre-clinical drug discovery contract research organization (CRO).  Our decades of pharmaceutical and biotech industry experience result in a focused, data intensive, communicative approach that helps clients navigate the complex drug discovery process more rapidly and effectively.

PBI offers expert in vivo studies in four core therapeutic areas: cardiovascular, renal, pulmonary, and hepatic systems.  We utilize state-of-the-art data acquisition platforms, and offer a comprehensive suite of research services ranging from pharmacokinetics and target-based functional screens through complex proof-of-concept studies.

Plato BioPharma provides our clients with superior drug discovery research because we:

appreciate the integrative nature within our core areas of expertise,
advance partners discovery projects by providing multisystem analysis of serial and endpoint functional, clinical chemistry and biomarker data,
design our functional assays, disease models and studies to deliver clinically translatable drug discovery information, and
generate constellations of data to enable deconvolution of target, compound, and disease model interaction.

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