Biomarkers & In Vitro Biology

PBI’s ability to conduct biomarker analyses is a powerful complement to our in vivo disease modeling. This comprehensive service eliminates third party providers and streamlines the data delivery process. Our In Vitro Biology & Biomarker (IVBM) team members are classically trained biologists with backgrounds spanning the pharmaceutical industry and academia. Value is placed on assay validation, adherence to SOPs & best practices, throughput, multiplexing and flexibility.

Bio Markers

PBI Core Biomarker & In Vitro Technologies


  • Solid phase capture and competitive ELISAs
  • Bead based multiplex immunoassay


  • Hydroxyproline analysis for tissue collagen content
  • HPLC mouse serum creatinine (in development)

Clinical Chemistry

  • Full offering blood based and urinary analytes
  • STAT analysis for rapid data turn around
  • Analysis of disease progression and compound efficacy

mRNA Analysis

  • Luminex™ based multiplex mRNA analysis


  • Tissue collagen / fibrosis quantitation by Picosirius Red and Masson’s Trichome staining
  • Immunohistochemistry

Cellular Analysis & Isolation

  • Flow Cytometry for leukocyte subset analysis
  • PBMC, Total leucocytes , platelet and bronchoalveolar lavage cells isolations

Myograph Tension Recording

  • Ex Vivo Aortic, Pulmonary Artery and Middle Cerebral Artery tension recording with pharmacology
Biomarker Strategies
  • Target Engagement
  • Disease Progression
  • Compound Efficacy
  • Toxicity
  • Longitudinal Evaluation
  • Multiplexed
  • Automated