Our Platform

PBI’s integrative pre-clinical research platform generates decision-enabling data via physiological evaluation of disease models, assessment of acute and chronic in vivo pharmacologic responses, and evaluation of histologic and contemporary biomarkers across core organ systems.

Our-PlatformPBI conducts pathophysiological and pharmacological research using validated preclinical models and assays to characterize target engagement and compound efficacy:

  • Integrated multi-organ and system analyses of medically complex models.
  • In-house expertise in disease model generation, in vivo functional measurements and in vitro biomarker analysis.
  • Orthogonal approach to study design and data analysis.
  • Longitudinal physiological evaluations of disease kinetics and therapeutic activity.
Data constellations:
Sets of data which collectively create a map pointing to true north for your drug discovery program.

PBI’s scientific values align study performance with our clients’ research goals, allowing PBI to act as an extension of our clients’ research team. The result is clear data interpretation and client confidence in our results.

This approach applies across all engagements from IND enabling and licensing diligence investigations to pharmacokinetic and functional pharmacodynamic screens. Clients benefit from our consultative approach to study design: PBI’s lead scientists work with our clients to refine the study proposal into a fully vetted protocol detailing all aspects of study execution and deliverables.