Integrative Approach

PBI’s integrative approach provides insights into disease model performance and compound activity by generating constellations of data comprised of physiological measurements, histological evaluation and biomarker analyses. PBI can provide orthogonal, multisystem study designs to determine compound efficacy in medically complex disease models.

Integrative Approach

Integrating physiological, pharmacological and biochemical data to provide insight into target engagement, disease mechanisms and therapeutic activity.

PBI’s expertise lies at the intersection of the Cardio-Renal and Cardio-Pulmonary axes. Studying these interdependent organ systems in the context of inflammatory and fibrotic insults – such as diabetes, chronic kidney disease or idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis – provides a comprehensive view of drug candidate effects on disease processes.

Using well-defined model systems and with the expertise to evaluate multiple organ systems simultaneously, we offer superior drug discovery research comprised of:

  • Functional assays to deliver clinically translatable drug discovery information;
  • Multi-system serial and endpoint functional evaluations as well as clinical chemistry, biochemical and histological data;
  • Constellations of data enabling deconvolution of target, compound, and disease model interactions.