About Us

Plato BioPharma, Inc. (PBI) was founded in 2010 by Dr. Craig Plato who had the vision to build a world-class preclinical drug discovery CRO specializing in in vivo physiological and pharmacological studies with complimentary biochemical, biomarker and histology analysis in the cardiovascular, renal, pulmonary, diabetes and hepatic therapeutic areas.

PBI’s Mission

By doing world-class science and living our corporate values, we contribute expert research and participate with the world’s most successful pharmaceutical and biotech research organizations in discovering therapeutics that help treat life threatening diseases.


Prior to founding PBI, Dr. Plato led in vivo pharmacology for Myogen, Inc., and when it was acquired by Gilead Sciences in 2005, Dr. Plato expand the in vivo laboratory and grew core competencies in cardiovascular and renal research. In 2009, Gilead acquired a second cardiovascular company and announced plans to consolidate the two cardiovascular operations to California by closing the Colorado site and outsourcing in vivo operations. Dr. Plato obtained financial backing from a local angel investor group, acquired a significant amount of Gilead’s laboratory equipment and leased the laboratory facility. In essence, Dr. Plato was able to continue doing science in the state-of-the art laboratory he designed and built for his two previous employers, with a new name on the door: Plato BioPharma, Inc. Dr. Plato assembled an esteemed Board of Directors and strategic advisory board for PBI as well as an experienced staff with expertise in small animal surgery and in vivo pharmacology. Since its founding, PBI has continued to grow in both capacity and expertise, thus providing integrated pre-clinical in vivo CRO services to an expanding number of clients in pharmaceutical and biomedical research.